I know, it comes a little bit late. It has been a week in 2016! Time never fail to surprise me with its speed. Unbelievable, you have not seen wrong. It was already 9th of January.

My number one resolution for this year would definitely goes to being healthy and to do this, I would have to eat healthy food and workout regularly. This brings me to my second resolution which is have my body in good shape which I mean, having abs! I have been doing my workouts for a month now and you know what. I can totally feel the pain and all kinds of hurt like pulling yourself away from eating junk food. And I feel like quitting, because it is too tiring. You have to workout almost everyday and when you want to eat ice cream just to award yourself for putting such effort but you cannot. You have to stop your cravings or else what you had suffered just now would be all gone. Okay, now let me have my tears wiped off.

The next is learn how to wear contact lens, which I can say it proudly, “I have succeeded! Yay! ” The moment when I wear it, I felt AMAZING! For a 20 years old girl who had her glasses on during primary school years and cannot live without it since then. It was a miracle, like I can go out and even drive without spectacles! How cool is it! By that, I want to thank the inventor of contact lens. You had made my life. Following that, I want to learn how to make up. You know, appearance is really important in every aspect. Have a good appearance means you are advantageous nowadays. So, this is a must even though I have all kinds of problems for this.  This  is another story so I would not talk about it here, maybe next post?

In conjunction with my anniversary with WordPress, here comes my next resolution which is weekly blogging. I would like to post once a week for whatever topic, please anticipate!(wink). And also, I have set my reading goals, 12 books for this year. I know it may seem too less but let us have a realistic goal(let`s just kill the lazy bugs in our body one by one, I do not want to have a show-hand war with them, lol).

Most importantly, build a good personality and being more matured. I want to let every person that I have been with feel comfortable. By that,I have to mind my words and my attitude, especially towards my family and friends. We are all trying to be the person we wanted to be. We pave our paths, the cards are on our hand. Every step that you take will lead you to a different place. I have learned some lessons and said bye to some people because my incapabilities to handle unpleasant situation and now it is the new beginning. So, I hope we all can learn more lessons this year and gain experiences in order to be the person we have always wanted to be.

Yes, here comes the end of my new year resolutions. Lastly, I would like to share my 2016 motto: “Keep the persistency and there will be no limits, having faith in yourself and nothing is impossible.” I hope you are doing well and rock this year with me!








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