These days, I`m having my exam which is really important to me. But I did not stress out until I get insomnia rather, my way of stress reflects on my nightmares.

I dreamt of chasing by a lion when I was sitting in a cab. But this was not the worst, the dream that came out most frequent was I got a bad result and my friends got  a better one and yeah I felt very unsatisfied and irritated, and then I awake. This might not sound as bad as chasing by a lion but I always woke up more terrifying when having the later one than the former one.

Plus, she often put up her what I called it”the degree of preparation” on Instagram. This means that she posted the exercises that she had done, the book she had read, oh, she is driving me crazy. U know that kind of feeling, where u just wanted to have some 5-minutes rest and u check your Insta to see some nice pic and then u saw her photo which reported her preparation and in comparison with yourself, u feel so insecure and unprepared and then u lose all the confidence and keep thinking that she had done more preparation than u, and u will definitely get a bad grade.

Wtf! I just couldn’t sleep well.


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