Pillow Talk:Money

Tonight was a wonderful night, talking with my sister heart-to-heart. We talked about how each other`s life is going, events that happened and lots of opinion sharing. After all, I insist that money is not everything, it does bring happiness, but only to a certain extent. There is a Chinese saying goes”money is the root of all evil”. Yeah, I concurred with that. I can see all the people around me was suffering and having an exhausting life just to earn more money included my father. He is suffering with depression, and not only is he suffering, my family members are tiring with his condition too, everyone is not happy. See, how many bad things money could bring us? But I also ask myself why is my father be in such condition, I`m seeking the answer, and I sort of have figured out, the answer is ,the everything I am having now, my education, my food, my shelters, my clothes, my laptop,my smartphone and so on.Why must one suffer to get all of these things? The answer to this question has always been a yes, isn`t it? It is a fact, it is the reality, all I can do is just accept it, is it? Yeah, everything I had seen, every word that I had been told, implied the alleged fact, money is everything or maybe it is really a fact? I do not know.

Due to my acknowledgement of my father`s condition, my wish and ambition was never for money, never, ever. I admitted that I don`t know what to do with my life when I was asked by my sister about my direction in life. I might not know what is it, but I know that it will never be of money. I don`t want my life be as my father`s, I think it is horrible to live a life like this, only for money. I will prove to my sister that money cannot bring true happiness, the sense of tranquility and serenity and the healthy spirit and lively soul.Those are what money can`t buy. They are so good that you will feel so good about yourself, feel so great about the world and feel superb that you are alive, I mean not just breathing and actually living. I will live a life that I was always dreamt of, being anywhere around the world, appreciate the beauty of nature and have a healthy spirit as well as body. Like, watching aurora in Arctic, riding horses in Mongolia`s field, diving in ocean to watch the coral reefs and many more. It needs money to do all these activities though. The conclusion here is no conclusion. I am here failed to try to figure out things in my mind, again.


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