Success or ?

Everyone wants success. For most of the people, success is just earning a lot of money and have a luxurious life. For this to be achieved in the future, first you must get into a prestigious university , e.g Oxford, Cambridge, at my age. My peers are all competing to get a place from it, even competing to be board of directors of the club to gain high marks for co-curriculum marks for getting a higher chance to get into those universities. Quite sad to say, it is very hard, for me, an average student. I`m also wondering why, why must we compete and torture each other; why must we compete, by all means, no matter it`s right or wrong; why must we compete until we hate each other; why must we have the same goal; why must we have the same definition of success?

I could not understand, now and then, or maybe I will never understand? This world seems harmonious yet dangerous. I feel like I have trapped into somebody`s master plan. Are those songs singing how you can live your own life, how you can have your own definition of success just merely songs that can never be treated as reality? I do not want, I do not want the unfairness, hate, fake or other negativeness exist in this world. But what can I do, reality hurts people, finally i know that what makes the differences between adults and children. Adults have seen all the dark sides of people, reality of the world while children have not. What should I do? I do not know. Maybe this is the journey of growing up.


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