What if a taxi driver who you first met invites you to clubbing?

Okay, this was a pretty scary cab experience that I have ever met in Subang, Malaysia. My friend and I were waiting for a cab, it is 12.00 am. A cab came and rolled down the car window, two guys were in there, they seem like Middle Eastern. I am not being racist or what, but I have a really bad feeling once I got into the car. The guy next to the driver kept talking to the phone and saying rude words like ” fucking idiot, I have waited u for like more than an hour!” They were going to the night club. I was already thinking what should I do if anything bad happens, jump out of the car? That was the only way.

They also speak the language which I cannot understand. And I noticed that the driver was not fastening his seat belt and I was not sure if he has a car license. When we almost arrived, that guys was like”Do you wanna join us ladies?” At that very moment, I was shocked, I did not dare to look at him and I immediately, without any thinking, and said “No.” Oh my god, why are you inviting me, I do not know you, and I just wanted to go home! Thanks God, I arrived safely anyway. I wish this kind of situation don`t ever happen in my life anymore.

When I got into my room, I felt so terrifying, but I have no one to talk to, to express my fear. Unlike my friend, she got one of his boy friend , not “boyfriend” to walk her home after reaching my house. And she got two boys to talk to, and those guys like her so much and even want to treat her hot milk that I cannot even dream of. Of course, she is pretty and cute and smart and have excellent result all the time, whereas me? Oh no, I don`t even want to think about how useless I am. I am not good enough, ugly, stupid and am an average. Besides, I was thinking to past my fb status about this, and guess what? She had already posted it and so here is my only way to express my feelings. How nice to have somebody to care of you, and this would not happen in my life. Yeah, maybe because I`m not good enough.


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