What? Exam is coming soon?!

Are you kidding me, teacher? We have only a month to go from date of the exam? That exam which will crown me or kill me, let me cry in happiness or drown me in tearless despair? Teacher, did you get the information wrong?

NO way! I can`t believe it! It`s rushing towards me now, I can`t blink my eyes, I was scared I would be sitting in the exam hall once I blink my eyes.  The time was still at that very moment my teacher announced the date of the exam and my mind was blank.

The time flies with the speed of light! I realised that I have no time to prepare my exam. I still have many tasks to complete. My grammar was not improving; my writing skill was not developing; my knowledge was not widening. And it`s all about time.

I`m tired after school everyday. There was not enough time to study after school. I feel like I`m tired every single minute. I was tired at the school and home.” No, you could not be in this way, you will be lack of preparation to sit the exam and you definitely will not get a good grade!” I told myself. I searched for study motivation through videos and quotes, trying to get myself motivated and fight with sleepiness and also laziness that have been following me since I was born.

Oh God, please render me some help and strength. I have to and I must fight! I cannot even think of giving up, I would not be sleeping each night until I get my goal of the day done, by hook or by crook! Don`t you want to study in prestigious university in UK? Don`t you want to make your parents be proud of you? Don`t you want to prove to those who look down on you that you can do it and are way better than them? Don`t you want to slap their faces stop them from humiliating and underestimating you? Don`t you want success? Yeah, I WANT. I want it so BADLY, as bad as trying to breathe underwater. There is no turning back, Jaclyn. No turning back.


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