Bye 2014!

It`s not too late to officially say goodbye now right. Here comes the moment I`m going to summarize my 2014. Overall, a adventurous, risky, boring, suffering, happy, achievable year.

I welcomed the year by saying goodbye to my high school. Then, searching college and waiting for final exam result. The waiting time is freaking bored. On March, the result finally came out. I got quite excellent result and I`m satisfied with it because it could be said to be compatible with my effort on it. I still remembered that moment when my name got called to receive the present given to those who get full As, it`s unbelievable, I stopped with my eyes and mouth wide-opened and rapidly got on stage.That`s an achievement.

Next, I was in National Service Camp for three months since April. Those three months…uhh, I`m not going to say it here, because that`s a long story. An honest and frank post about National Service Camp.

After that, I got into college. My adventure commenced. Until now, I`ll say my college experiences were not so fabulous and wonderful as I thought. I made friends but still, not so happy with them compared to my high school friends. Maybe they`re right,”high school friends are friends for life”.

One of the achievement I had in college is I joined Jujitsu Club and passed the grading test of orange belt. I learned how to use the transportation like cab, Monorail, commuter and bus. With this , I can travel alone to more places whenever I want. I felt that I had grown up a little mentally, physically and emotionally. Things are changing, being open-minded is so vital to survive in society.Learned that the earth is not spinning around only you, be good to people, always, who cares if it`s pretending.

So, I`ve learned lessons in previous year. In this year, let`s paint it colourful.


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