Make It Count- A message to Jack Ma, pioneer of Alibaba Group

You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?

Jack Ma is the person who I would like to send a message to him. As his company, Alibaba Group had become a hot topic globally recently because it has become one of the biggest initial public offering . I had read some of the quotes and articles of him. I found that his suggestions to new generation are really right to the point, saying our weaknesses of the generation, make me wonder if he really knows about us, I mean, the new generation he meant?

Dear Mr.Jack Ma

I can`t deny that some points of you had sharply showed the problems we faced in the society and job career nowadays, but do you really know the roots of our problems? Like, depression and all kind of mental health problems that had raised over the years? I want to know what`s your opinion about these mental health problems, like are we being too weak in the spirit?

My problem is that I do not know the things I passionate about, so I can`t make up my mind when it comes to a decision to what courses should I take and what is the job I`ll be in in the future. I have been struggling since my graduation of secondary education. I just do not know! And the main problem is, how do I know?! As everybody`s telling you the right things to do, I feel like I can`t live my own life. I have never been brave for once, for the sake of myself. And I have also been struggling about the meaning of life, what is the purpose I`m here? I have no idea. And I want to ask, do you know the purpose you`re here? If you know, since when you know? How does the acknowledgement affect your life?

I feel like I have been constrained of many factors, social norms, others opinion, social values, aesthetics of women and so on. I feel like I have been bounded by these things and really get enough of it!  Are fitting into the society, following these invisible rules the only ways in order to survive in the society or to be seen by the society?

Many greats keep telling us to follow your passion, what if I don`t know what my passion is? Then, how did you discover your passion and firstly, are you following your passion right now? Are the things you`re doing now is what your passionate about?

I wouldn`t have write this to you and shouldn`t have wasting time if I know what should I do, now and future. So, as for me, the new generation you`re indicating, these are my problems and I really eager to know the solutions and the answers.


From: Jaclyn


One thought on “Make It Count- A message to Jack Ma, pioneer of Alibaba Group

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