Realization and Appreciation

I can`t remember how good I was, how bad I was, in the past seventeen years.But I`ll always remember, I`ll be the one whom is respected by me, myself, in the following years, in the rest of my life.

I had a serious, thoughtful and meaningful talk last night with my classmates. We talk about dreams, life, relationships and whatever we wanted to talk at a book cafe. We exchanged our opinions on each others and dreams of each other. It was good , I felt relieve that I can be such honest to a friend that I had just known for a month. And that`s why I will confess everything to her. After the talk, I got encouraged, bravery to face my own problems and focus only for myself and learned not to overreact on those small things that happened and not letting them controlled my life.

I think this is the way that everyone should live in. Focus on your on stuff, not others. You`re not their mother, it`s not your business. Don`t care what others said about you, I think it`s the most important attitude that we should live with but it`s easy to say but do. Me, neither. I sometimes just couldn`t get off from what others said about me, think it too much, have negative thoughts and eventually fell in the trap. But, NOT ANYMORE!

Full of gratitude for what I have now, life will be better if you appreciate small things in your life, not just luxuries. You could appreciate you have friends, families and even enemies. You should appreciate that you had your wonderful childhood times and those memories that accompanying you. Appreciate now, or else you`ll be cherish this moment some day.


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