My 18 birthday!

On 29 July, I had received a lot of wishes, all wishing me happy birthday. Yeah, of course, it`s my birthday. Erm….frankly, I was neither planning nor expecting of any surprises or celebration. My lovely friends however, were going to have a surprise for me but unluckily mum accidentally said it. So, surprise was no longer a surprise, I couldn`t act that I didn`t know, right after their arrival at my home, I was standing and leaning against the gate, welcoming them and at the meantime, disappointing them. I couldn`t see their disappointing expressions on their face but somehow I could feel them. A little bit of guilty of me for being a ‘spoiler’ as they said.

I`m glad to have so many blessings from others. My birthday was also celebrated several times this year. Thanks to people who sang the birthday songs and wished me. You couldn`t say that my birthday was just ordinary. What was the extraordinary was at the end. The second when I wanted to pull my blanket off and got into bed, I saw a big black paper bag with Sony Centre printed on it. Wow, I was surprised!! There was a headphone in it! And it seems cost much. And there was a little heart-shaped card, saying words that tearing up me. I was touched, it was really out of my expectations!! That was from my lovely and incredible sister. She was always the incredible person in my eyes. Full of gratitudes to have so much love from people around me.

Who says you are not happy?


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