Shopping Day

This is the third week since I got into my college. Well, I`m bored, feeling despair, lack of confidence and totally homesick for the past two weeks. I was scared to open my mouth and talk to classmates not to mention about open my heart. The most thing that I can`t get used to settle myself in an English environment as I`m a mango, FYI,mango means a Chinese who can speak Mandarin.
While speaking of this,I was reminded that my sociology teacher was actually telling us as a mango, you should put more effort in your studies as they are all in English and blah blah blah……Hello teacher, we knew it, we always knew it! OS: and can you just teach us about the syllabus instead of talking the facts that we had already knew? As she was just talking about ‘fruits’ on the whole period.Damn! I wanna change the teacher, er…..I really don`t know if I can speak that here 😛

Anyway, back to the topic, after my classes were over, I hung out with my new friends and obviously we are shopaholic! We went to whatever stores we want and ran after SALES! And I bought a pants, teehee 😀 We spent a lot of time at the shopping mall and went back late.

The point I wanted to share about is one of the friend I hung out with tonight really really are an incredible person, I called her Shifu(master). She`s about my age and incredibly independent.I asked her to share her stories during our dinner. I was astonished to know that she bought herself Macbook, Ipad, Iphone and…there should me more stuff that I didn`t know. She doesn`t have a rich dad or what, she use her own money, self-earned money! Can you imagine that?! I can`t even make 1000 ringgits on my own hand. How could she do that? There are some reasons why she`s such independent, but I wouldn`t say it here. I`m completely see her as my role model, totally wanna learn from her , her attitude, how she challenges herself , breakthrough her limits and deal with hardships and all that. Then, when I was home, I was thinking how interesting my college life would be, there are many people around me who I wanna learn from because you can`t know how great they are from their appearance until you know them, again ,as people said, “Don`t judge a book by its cover” was proved, tonight was worthwhile, I got to know them more and my mind came out an idea that I have to really start to know them and to learn from everyone of them from their stories.


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