National Service Camp

Came back from National Service Camp yesterday for a break, National Service Camp, I would rather call it a place where you can find out how happy you are when you`re home.

During these two months, my lifestyle was completely changed. Wake up at 5 am, physical training, breakfast at 7.30 am, classes, 10.30 am tea time, classes, 12.30 pm lunch, activities, 4.30 pm high tea, activities, 6.30 pm dinner, free time, assemble, 10.30pm supper and then sleep. This is the daily routine there. And look!! how many meals a day?! They make me fat!!! Yesterday, I can feel that can`t fit in my shorts easily, so I came to standing on the weighing machine. I nearly blacked out, I cant believe the digits that have showed on the machine. Gained 5 kg!!!! Whaaatt!!!! OMMMMGGG~~~ HELL!!

And another thing, racism everywhere. Haizz,it`s hard to express. Unfairness happens everyday, like a true hell. U cant believe how rude they are….unexplainable.Just a word,

Keep away from them, they aren`t human. —— Me

Despite all this, there is one thing that`s awesome here, friendship. Relationship was breeding during the two months and they break you up afterwards.Before you leave, everyone cried for you, and you too, cried for them. And you know they`re just somebody that used to walked into your life and you can barely see them after that, and you would appreciate to have them in your life, your memory.

I`m happy I`m home. I won`t have to scare if there is any insects every minutes! MOSQUITO, my enemy there, they can attack you every single minute on every single day!You can see many insects that you cant even recognise them or call their names. I miss my bed, my home, my family ,friends and food!! I`m coming,haha!! STOP EATING><!!Image



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