Monday blue happens at night.

My Monday night was totally blue. It`s an heartbroken night. My friend which called himself my best friend was calling me to hang out with him and his friends, then I called some friends I wanna called. One of the close friend, didnt give me the direct answer after one hour which I hate the most that someone express their words indirectly. Another friend was called, my old friend, who is the only one that occupied my heart in the name of friendship. She cant go because she wasnt free for tonight. after my asking, she told me that she will be hanging out with old friends who I know all of them. My heart broke, my mind was full of the question why. Why didnt they call me? again? is that I`m too unwelcoming that they didnt even want to hang out with me for a talk? I feel unwanted and useless. I was once on their list. Maybe I had done something wrong, maybe. That kind of feeling, unwanted, unwelcome, again and again, punched on my heart badly. I I decided not to go anywhere tonight. I feel sorry for him, I know he is disappointed with me. Tonight,everything is wrong. 


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