No style is my style?

Here I have created a blog that I don`t know how does it works. I`m just trying to blog whatever I want and try to get to know myself as I really never think of who I am, what my style or else…maybe I have considered myself as nobody and kept my eyes on others. Is this what they called “looking people living” that kind of stuff? So here, I have faced some problems at my age now, 18…The great eighteen that everyone thought it was cool but not me.This is because i`m at the edge of nowhere. Jobless,poor… at least I`m not homeless.Hesitating where to study and what course I have to take are my greatest problem now. It`s so frustrating! and I`m still living with them since I can`t solve them in the blink of an eye.

Let me describe my own figure. Erm…totally have an asian face which is not popular in my social circle.Talkative when it comes to familiar one but not stranger.Frankly, I`m not good at all in social that is quite unbelievable for someone who thinks I`m good at it. I can be quiet and mute when I came to stranger.So, I`m a little bit scared of step into the college life.Back to the point, I have exaggerating actions when I talk.That`s what I know from my friends. I barely know myself and I`m hoping that blogging will let me get to know myself well.


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